Production Highlights

Our manufacturing processes are well complemented by a team of highly qualified and proficient professionals who are a continuous source of motivation for the Group to achieve greater success in its business endeavours. The manufacturing units have farsightedly invested in advanced machinery as well as testing laboratory to ensure quality production and timely delivery. Our spinning unit comprises machines of reputed companies such as LMW, RIETER, SUESSEN Elite Compact, MURATEC Link Coner with USTER Quantum 3 yarn clearer, ELGI YCP and LUWA. For removal of color and white PP contamination, we have VETAL and CITYTEX.

Installed Spinning Capacity:
DepartmentInstalled Capacity (Spindles)Production Capacity (TPA)
Ring Spinning179524,075
Compact Spinning4560010,670

Quality Paradigms:

Quality is our ultimate paradigm. The company not only strives to maintain the highest levels of international standards but also enforces strict internal quality assessment protocols to ensure that every product of ours is just as impeccable in quality as it is in value. The company bases its quality parameters through its state-of-the-art testing laboratory, which consist of testing equipments such as UT 5 with Hairiness Adapter, Uster AFIS, Uster HVI, Uster Tensorapid, Uster HL400, Cascade Count and CSP Testing, TPI Tester, Trash Analyzer and Black Board Winder which ensures consistent product quality.